Our first design was simply the word “metta.”  When lots of yogis inquired about its meaning, the idea for the “metta heart” design came, while on meditation retreat, after an awesome evening dharma talk by Pascal Auclair.  JessE Designs artistic team includes two extraordinary artists,

Sibel Ergener (face sketch design) and Evrim “Oz” Ozalp (diving goal keeper and karate fight designs) to offer three more designs.

Our Collection features shirts printed on 100% cotton American Apparel tees in various bold colors.  The diving goal keeper and karate fighter shirts “Oz” designed are printed on black Anvil tees. We are incredibly lucky to work with a local Jersey City, NJ silk screener to print our comfy tees. 

One of our loyal customers shared with us, “I really like the shirts. I believe in the product and everything behind that simple word.” Wendy A.


Our Collection

Organic and Dancer tee:  $25
Summer tee (in kelly green), karate fighter, diving goal keeper tee: $22
“so silly” kids tee:  $15
long sleeve:  $35

Multiple purchase discounts...
Purchase 2 Organic or Dancer tees:  $45
Purchase 2 Summer tee or Evrim Collection tees:  $40
Purchase 2 long sleeves: $63